Which Herbs Make Fibromyalgia Worse?

Which herbs make fibromyalgia symptoms worse?

How do we make sure that any herbs we take don't contain toxic chemicals?

How do we make sure that any herbs we take will actually help us?


so long could you talk a little bit
about the university research teams that
you're working with and what their role
is in sourcing the herbs absolutely for
example last year when we're working on
they took project to source most of
those Tibetan herbs I went to the
Tibetan region where they herbs grow was
the research team from two universities
what we did there was to test the soil
to see the growing condition of the
herbs and then to have a right
harvesting protocol of getting the herbs
without damaging the local area and the
soil testing and they local climate
testing and everything is to assure that
it's right condition for the herbs to
grow and afterwards the herbs are sent
to the labs to have the active
ingredients tested today pesticides come
tested today
heavy metals tested to ensure say safety
oh great so you make sure there's
nothing in there that's not supposed to
be in there and that all the active
chemicals are strong and the herbs have
been processed the right way and all
that and also it's not enough to disrupt
the landscape so that's really great
because there's I mean a lot of these
are wild crafted herbs yeah where people
are harvesting yeah like traditions
right post basically there are at least
half of the herbs who are using their
wild craft you can't at least currently
nobody are farming them because all the
reasons so the way of crafting nets like
like the tools even the tools that you
use to take out say do we awake is this
special Tibetan carved I can kind of
like a knife shaped in that way it
wouldn't hurt the roots so it can grow
the next year Oh interesting yeah that's
really smart so it's a sustainable
project yeah now in terms of quality you
talked about the pharmacopoeia and how
they established it seems like the
baseline the bare minimum quality for
these herbs and so most companies you
know I mean I've been involved in
Chinese medicine for a while and every
company selling herbs always says
they're high quality this and that and
the more I'm learning especially from
some of the things you guys have shared
with me is that there is high quality
which is the baseline and then there's
really high quality which means you go
above and beyond that and it reminds me
a lot of the organic food movement where
they get a label that says organic foods
and then everybody wants to be able to
put the label on their food and so the
definition kind of changes and they make
it where there's just like the baseline
to have an organic sticker but then
there are people who are doing really
interesting things with the way they
raise their chickens and sustainability
and all that that doesn't even get
accounted for with that kind of label
does that make sense or does that me
seem like what yeah they're trying to do
with the quality yes that's exactly
we're doing here because to meet today
from copious standard is really easy I
have to say I mean I won't say easy but
it's very uh not hard to meet but the
same time does I mean it's really good
quality today best quality is not that's
why we're working hard to assure they
from the growing region to the lab test
they not only meet so standard but also
surpass for example we will use only
sulfur free herbs because it's actually
allowed to use sulfur or in from copy of
standards because it tries they know it
preserves the herbs better to prevents
the bugs it's it works better in that
way but the same time of course it's
some chemical that you're not supposed
to use in their up soap we will use so
for free only every herb you use and
your formulas you go through and make it
very specific so that it's come from the
right place and the right people are
picking it at the right time of year and
everything yeah that's why we know the
people who picked up or collected the
herbs from the original land and we know
where they are we know how they do we
know how the process is and we know
their family that's important to do
because in that way you know that
they're not lying to you and are there
any other what kinds of other trouble
and extra work do you guys do to make
sure that the herbs are really good
quality like via the tea bet you want to
talk about the tea bag administration
there's a lot of people yeah
herbs and tea bags with Chinese herbs
for tea backs we choose the certain
formulas that actually they volatile oil
they in central oils play a really
important role in the formula so we
choose them to be the tea bags and also
traditionally they were used to eating
sand not decoction that means powdered
so in that way we are maintaining or
containing we the ultra quantity of the
essential oil not loosen its during the
process of extracting and that's another
thing to consider when you slow quality
herbs and of course if even they
harvesting time is wrong were they
medicinal part that uses wrong or even
they it's try not dry enough it might
not even contain anything that's
effective so that's possible too yeah
that's really a shame it's such a waste
of the herbs if they don't get handled
right so you guys you know you go to a
lot of trouble you don't cut any corners
so that your your products are really
strong and potent without burdening
overburdening the digestive system and
the people taking them I think that's
really smart
you know you'd rather have a plant
that's got everything ready and you just
take a little bit then you know roll the
dice with yeah yeah because digestion
the digestive system is a first for
that you actually need to make the
Batson work so if it's not effective
enough then there's nothing else that
gonna happen after that
so you know digestion is definitely the
best that they they the most important
parts that you need to deal with before
you deal with other things yeah