Which Foods Make Fibromyalgia Worse?

Which foods make fibromyalgia symptoms worse?

How to protect yourself the best way?

What's the connection between digestive health and pain relief?


today we're talking to dr. Andrew miles
the author of the fibro Bible and we
have a viewer question how come after I
eat certain foods my pain seems to be
worse different processed foods or just
orgeous things that aren't normally in
my diet my pain can be worse for the
next couple days afterwards so just
listen to this question I can think of
three reasons why this happens the very
first is that when we're in a state of
what's called gut dysbiosis that means
that we get a bacterial bloom we're
pathogenic bacteria begin to proliferate
it can cause inflammation in the body
and that inflammation causes your pain
to spike and it makes it so the pain
will go up but it can't go down very
easily in addition this inflammation is
very oxidant and it causes your nerves
to rust and literally disintegrate but
this causes massive pain spikes the
other reason is that when the gut gets
into a state of imbalance those bacteria
themselves are also producing their own
gases so when the bacteria are producing
their own gases this can interact with
the nerves themselves so nerves release
electricity and they also release sound
and they release gas and what's been
found is that the electricity carries
the message we've known that for years
but sound also carries a message and
most importantly the gases carry
messages from the nerves to the cells so
the same message that a nerve can be
giving that bacteria can be giving the
same message so we want to make sure
that the gut bacteria and a very even
balance or else the chemical messages
that they're sending by way of those
gases can be affecting the nerves and
maybe in many cases these gut bacteria
are causing messages that are spiking
your pain now when the gut bacteria
out-of-balance they'll also start eating
holes in your into
Westen's as they get out of balance they
just start chewing their way through and
this causes intestinal lesions and what
happens with this is that maybe a food
is completely fine one day and then the
next day and then a third day it causes
a big problem well this is because the
bacteria of eaten their way deeper into
the intestines and then once you have a
little bit of gliadin or gluten or
whatever it may be it gets directly into
the bloodstream
some people call this leaky gut but what
we do know is that there are intestinal
lesions associated with fibromyalgia
chronic fatigue and a host of other
chronic pain disorders the last way is
that when we're eating let's say today I
eat a chicken sandwich tomorrow at the
same time my body is going to be
preparing to eat the same type of food
if we drastically change our diet it
causes our body to kind of play catch-up
and most importantly when we play with
eating at different times in the day
that throws off our circadian rhythms
there they're called gut based circadian
rhythms and this will influence our
ability to digest efficiently and to get
to sleep on time so these are the three
main areas first we have the gut
bacteria itself and the way that's
affecting the gastric immune system the
second is we have the gases that those
gut bacteria are producing and the third
is as we have a rapid change in diet it
can really give our body something of a
shock and that will reduce our energy
compared to the energy we're getting out
of the foods is there anything anybody
can do when they're in this situation or
is this kind of just the permanent state
of things oh absolutely I think we all
eat you know eat foods from time to time
that are less than ideal or find
ourselves in a state of less than ideal
got balance so what's really crucial to
do in these stages is to stick with very
very calming digestive herbs to do
abdominal massage and
the fastest thing that you can do to
help improve got balance is to breathe
deeply in your abdomen and very gently
walk around until you burn as you're
burping and farting this changes the
internal gas exchange and when you have
a healthy gas exchange within the body
that right kind of gases in the
intestines it will automatically kill
off all of those bad gut bacteria but
when the wrong kinds of gases build up
in there it can create a perfect home
for pathogenic bacteria which will begin
eating holes in your intestines so the
first thing we have to do is get
ourselves to burp and fart and we can do
that with digestives we can do that with
abdominal massage deep breathing and
even walking around a little bit if you
walk around may be a thousand steps or
so you'll find that you'll naturally
start to burp because walking is a very
important part of the digestive system
as is deep abdominal breathing so in
some ways this pain flare after eating
certain foods is your body's way of
trying to tell you about a deeper
condition it's almost like a warning
light on the dashboard absolutely and
this tends to be the most direct cause
of brain fog and it will also cause a
very heavy type of pain so the body is
just kind of shutting down its
metabolism a little bit let's think
about it if you've encountered a poison
and you're eating a poison your body has
two jobs one make sure that poison
doesn't hit your brain so it's gonna
start shutting down the blood to brain
barrier and it's going to also shut down
your cellular uptake of what's going on
in the digestive tract if the body
senses hey danger there might be
something poisonous in the digestive
tract your body's not going to be up
taking much of any of that nutrient just
imagine a salad bar right at a salad bar
if somebody you know toxify the salad
bar by dumping a bunch of paint in it
they have to shut down that salad bar
and clean everything out might take a
day or so when the body anticipates or
that it's going to be in touch with
poison it will do everything it can to
shut down
first of all contact with the brain
because that's precious and with the
cells in the body and that tends to
maybe give people loose stools as well
because the body is trying to get rid of
what it anticipates to be dangerous and
the worst the colon intestines are from
those gut bacteria eating holes in it
the more picky the digestive system will
be well what happens over time people
begin starving to death effectively
because they're not taking in that
nutrient nutrition because the body
feels that it may be under attack and
this is where people get forced into
very ODS and specific and picky diets
and as we get begin to heal these
systems they're able to enjoy more of
the foods that they used to reasonably
that's wonderful Thanks