Refund Policy

Signature Program (“Relief”):

This program is designed to change your life.

1. The signature program with group support from Jeremy is non refundable, as outlined in the terms and conditions of that version of the program.

2.  The signature program as administered by one of our certified experts:  If, within 2 weeks (14 days) of purchase, you can honestly say that you’ve been following all of the directions, doing all of the exercises, and adjusting your lifestyle, and your pain levels have not improved at all, we will refund you the cost of the program (minus the cost of the Starter Kit, which is non-refundable; all 1-1 live support in the form of appointments, calls or videochats will be retroactively deducted at full price).

To request a refund, you must submit your completed Progress Workbook, showing that you have made 100% effort to get better using the program, as well as a letter in your own words that must include all of the following:

Your pain levels before beginning the course

Anything you had to give up in the past due to your pain

Your current pain levels

What you plan to try instead to get yourself better

Submit all of the above to the certified expert handling your case no later than 14 days after signup to be eligible for refund.

All refunds will be issued via the original form of payment (ie the credit card used for the course) within 2 weeks of complete request.

There are absolutely no refunds on herbs or other supplies.

There are no refunds issued for lack of participation. The results of this program are dependent on how much effort you put in.

If you haven’t opened any of the emails, haven’t used any herbs, or haven’t done any of the practices, you are ineligible for refund, and highly encouraged to do the work you originally set out to do when you signed up for this program.

If you are having any technical issues (not receiving emails, don’t understand something, etc) the onus is on you to contact your certified expert for technical support. If you don’t ask for help, we don’t know you need it. There will be no refunds issued on the basis of technical issues or misunderstandings of the material without first addressing the initial problem.

This program is designed to help you learn to reduce your own pain levels and increase your energy. On average this can take 2-16 weeks to achieve. If you are feeling much better before you’ve completed the program, and do not want to finish it, that is your decision, though you are ineligible for a refund. Getting results faster than expected is no reason for a refund.

For all other Programs:

There are no refunds on any of the other programs for any reason.

If you are having technical difficulties accessing course content please email and describe your problem so we can help you right away.

For consultations, support calls, herbs, products, and other supplies:

There are no refunds whatsoever, under any circumstances.