Welcome and Congratulations on Your Successful Application!

You are absolutely wanted here.

This group is brand new but I’m not.  I have rules and they’re very important as they protect the integrity of the entire group.

There are already plenty of health “support” groups online that are full of negativity and misery.  That’s not this.

The “setting the foundations” video below is mandatory viewing for all members.

At the end of this video is a 6 digit code.  Once you’ve finished the video and understand everything, use the form at the bottom of this page to enter your information along with the 6 digit code.

Within 24-48 hours we will add you to the WhatsApp group and you’ll be able to engage with us right away, including accessing the MV Members Vault.

The Members Vault is a constantly evolving resource where I’ll be sharing some of the most potent pearls of wisdom that I’ve accumulated over the last 20 years.

Every single thing I share will have an immediate impact in your life and health should you choose to implement it.

Let's get to work...

*Please Complete These Final Steps Within the Next 24 Hours to Ensure Your Place in the Group*

Step 1:  Watch the Setting the Foundations Training Video

(You'll need to turn your volume on and up for the video, and you should hear me talking within a few seconds of hitting play)

Step 2:  Submit the 2 Question Confirmation