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1. *How to Cross the Abyss and overcome complex health conditions.*

For real.
99% of people have zero idea this is even possible, let alone how to do it.
Have you ever felt frustrated that your body isn't behaving for you? Inflammation, pain, exhaustion? Anxiety?
Do you ever get even a little bit jealous of people who seem to glide through life, meanwhile you feel like a hot mess?
Can you imagine what life would be like if you were able to solve your current health condition?
I made this quick video with you in mind. This morning.
There's a key concept in the beginning that removes all of the overwhelm, uncertainty, and frustration...
And at the end 2 stories of what is possible once you've got this method dialed in...


9. *How to Keep Your Body's Software Up to Date with the Right Herbal Medicine*

Pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, mold spores, etc are often correlated, or even entirely to blame for most complex chronic health conditions.

Conventional solutions such as antibiotics are losing their efficacy because the pathogens are evolving so fast (within a single generation) to become resistant.
So what if we look to nature for a more dynamic and comprehensive solution?
Plants in the wild are exposed to the same pathogens, especially if they grow in damp or otherwise harsh conditions.
In order to protect themselves, plants have developed their own immune systems that are full of natural compounds that make life difficult for harmful pathogens.
When we use the right kind of herbal medicines, we are ingesting these powerful immune balancing compounds, essentially upgrading our own system to lighten the pathogenic load.
And the best thing? These beneficial plants are adapting and evolving with the times, so their immune system is relevant to the pathogens we see right now.
It's like having up to date antivirus software on your computer.
It's a living medicine.
For this to work, the herbs have to be very high quality, harvested at the right time of the year, dried and handled properly, prepared properly, and, of course, they have to be the right herbs for the person in the first place.
Buying something of unknown origin off the internet that wasn't recommended for your personal situation by a professional... That doesn't count as "herbal medicine"
Using the right herbs (at the correct times) is one of the absolutely essential keys that allows us to interrupt the inflammatory cycles and help our people get their lives back.
Gotta love the natural world!

10. *How to Summon the Motivation, Discipline, + Willpower to Take Care of Yourself (and beat chronic illness!)*

First of all, you can stop beating yourself up.

Right. Now.

Everyone tries and fails. Even if you've let yourself down in the past, the guilt you feel, the embarrassment. It's over and done and we are moving forward together, so let that go like a bag of old sweaters at Goodwill.

Moving forward now.

There are two major components to success, the will and the way.

And as systems thinkers we are intimately concerned a deep understanding of each component, as well as (and more importantly) with the relationship these two things have.

The will is the desire to walk the path. The part of you that knows there's something worth pursuing.

The path is the specific strategy and tactics you are using to cross the abyss. The plan.

When the plan is incomplete, inaccurate, inconsistent...

Like the majority of the well-intentioned "solutions" out there...

Most of them by the way are only focused on 1 or 2 of the 4 stages, and they don't even know the order of biological necessity (more on this in the wolf-cabbage-sheep video), so it's no wonder they leave you feeling less than stellar...

The glaring gaps in strategy and tactics make life difficult. Lasting progress is elusive.

And our willpower starts to wilt.


If you have a shitty plan, you're going to have to muscle your way through it! That takes a toll on anyone.

Flipping that, with a comprehensive plan (that makes great use of whole systems thinking and leaves nothing to chance) we can cruise through without demanding too much of our willpower, which is a finite mental/spiritual resource.

So today let's assume we have a world class plan, but are still having some issues being consistent every day taking the right steps that we know will help us.

We must examine our willpower, motivation, and discipline under the light of internal and external.

Once we understand that, we can take control of the whole mechanism.

A deep understanding here allows your heart guide your brain.

Then the right decision becomes natural. You have created your fate.

*"Just Breathe" and Other Mistaken Advice for Chronic Illness*

Don’t you just love Wim Hof?

Before we get started here don’t read any further until you’ve tried his breathing method. It’s good.

It’s not the most specific type of breathwork for complex inflammatory conditions (we’ll get to that) but for the general population this stuff is amazing.

And while many of us may dream of one day trekking up a mountain with Wim wearing nothing but underwear and a smile, I’ve found that people with a complex chronic health condition (like Lyme, Fibro, CFS/ME, CIRS, Mycotoxins, Environmental Illness, EBV, Autoimmune)...

Anyone struggling to overcome pathogens and regain their vitality absolutely needs to dial in 4 specific areas before they can really get the full benefits out of the Wim Hof Method, let alone go for that mountain adventure.

Since 2005 I’ve been helping people reclaim their vitality from chronic illness.

I’m talking about the complex cases that baffle the conventional medical system, and even leave most “holistic/functional/alternative” practitioners shrugging their shoulders.

Fibromyalgia, Lyme, CFS/ME, CIRS, Mycotoxins, Environmental Illness, EBV, Autoimmune…

Some of these conditions are so difficult to fit into one diagnostic box that they don’t even have a name.

Some of the telltale symptoms include:

  • Exhaustion
  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog
  • Difficulty Focusing
  • Chronic Pains...


Most cases have insomnia or sleep disruption, as well as digestive disturbance thrown into the mix.

Diagnoses like “leaky gut” and “IBS.” And of course the Adrenals and Hormones get thrown off.

Cortisol inverts. The libido drops off a cliff.

Frustration, Depression, Anxiety creep in, understandably.

The conventional medical system doesn’t have much in terms of long term solutions.

And by the way it’s not your doctor’s fault. I’ve got plenty of friends that are MDs. The vast majority are incredibly caring people who got into medicine to make the world a better place.

Unfortunately at this stage in the game the doctors are locked into a system that’s just not designed to solve these complex chronic conditions. Their hands are tied, and they really wish they could help.

Alternative treatments (Naturopath, Functional Medicine, Acupuncture etc) usually come in the form of “Silver Bullets.” That is one magic nutrient, substance, device, etc that is supposed to have “finally found the one root cause of illness.”

Needless to say silver bullets usually miss the mark. Even well-intentioned medical professionals get desperate and turn from Silver Bullets to the “Shotgun Approach.” What a mess.

Most people I meet have decided that since none of these “experts” has really been able to help them, they need to take things into their own hands.

Late nights on disease support forums, following every expert on social media, and a million consultations with Dr. Google, just to scramble on the floor for a breadcrumb of truth that just might help you find your way back to yourself.

It can be overwhelming and exhausting.

All of this stress on top of having an illness, and still having a life to try to attend to. Many give up.

But every so often an exceptional person comes along, like Wim Hof. His work is taking the world by storm. What Wim is proving is that we truly can influence our body through natural methods like intentional breathing exercise and temperature exposure. This guy will blow your mind, and what he’s developed is just the tip of the iceberg.

Over the years and having worked with so many people I would have to be hiding under a rock to not notice patterns that determine who gets better and who doesn’t.

I’ll share with you right now the top 3 misconceptions to avoid on your healing journey.

  •  Instant fixes. Many people believe health is a destination and that one day they will be cured/fixed/perfect. Please wake up. Health is a journey, it’s a skill. Skills take practice and practice takes time. Every day we must apply our efforts and assert our vitality into the world, taking small steps in the right direction. Small steps over time = profound results long term. Perfectionism and impatience need to be acknowledged so that we don’t unwittingly sabotage ourselves.


  • Do you honestly believe that “complex chronic problems require complex chronic solutions?” Overcomplication is a critical misconception, and I totally understand why we feel that way, especially after dealing with these issues for so long. In reality, complex problems require a comprehensive, whole systems understanding. Once we can discern the patterns and see through the chaos, the next steps to take towards health become undeniably clear.


  • Fragile Healing Strategy. Where most approaches fall short is not understanding the biological order of operations. With a Whole Systems Understanding we can see that multiple body systems need to be addressed, step-by-step, in the proper order if you want lasting change. If we skip steps we’ve got about a month before any progress goes away. I’ve got much more in-depth information on the order (4 Stage Approach) in my complimentary Members Vault, but to save some time I’ll tell you right now the order is:
  1. Immune System (inflammation and pathogens 👾)
  2. Digestive System (leaky gut and dysbiosis)
  3. Neuro-Endocrine (sleep and stress hormones)
  4. Circulation (bloodflow and tissue repair)

Our healing strategies should make sense and feel right.

What I’ve come to discover with the Wim Hof method, and others like it is that while it is incredible and life changing for the general population, those with chronic health conditions are special cases and need more specific health foundations in place before they can safely dive in. Wouldn’t you agree?

So we need to keep it straightforward, but not too simple.

It’s not “just breathe” and you’ll feel better.

Different types of breathing practices have distinctly different effects on our biochemistry and physiology.

It turns out that not knowing the right breathing techniques for your specific situation can actually make things worse.

Since 2005 I’ve been researching, collecting and refining the best practices from ancient medical systems to cutting edge science. I’ve learned from some of the best, and I’ve kept very detailed notes.

My personal journal comes in the form of our Members Vault with over 100 videos and entries expanding your perspective on how to:

✓ Decrease overall inflammation and hypersensitivities

✓ Build a strong but not over-responsive immune system

✓ Keep hidden pathogens in check (EBV, Lyme, Mold etc) and manage the die off reaction

✓ Learn to feel what you really need instead of depending on a lot of doctors and supplements

✓ Overcome fatigue and have more energy (wake up well rested and excited for what every new day will bring)

✓ Clear the brain fog and be able to think clearly again

✓ Reduce the effects of stress on your health for less tension and better sleep

✓ Heal your gut (Improve digestion and absorption of food)

✓ Get your hormones, adrenals and libido drive back in balance

✓ Feel happy again


And thankfully, it has nothing to do with supplements, restrictive diets, or endless cycles of testing.

Seriously there is a better way.

29. *Gasotransmitters:  The Secret Weapon Taking Breathwork 🌬 to an Advanced Level*

"Relax.  Breathe."

Good advice for the average human, but there's alot more to it if you're interested in using the air around you to actually transform your physiology.

Especially in cases of complex chronic conditions.

We need specificity.

People are always asking me how the Modern Vitality Signature Program works.

We use a four stage organizing principle (immune, digestive, neuro-endocrine, tissue repair) to guide natural interventions.

This way we actually make progress that builds.  This is how we can transform grown adults who have missed out on the last 20 years of life due to pain, fatigue, brain fog etc...

And create a fresh start where they feel confident to travel, get back to work, walk their dogs, start a business, get intimate...

Because there's a framework and deep logic to the human body.  The systems of systems.  Once you understand this you are lightyears ahead of most medical professionals (for now).

Once we have the framework we can plug in different therapies that all nudge the body into the appropriate direction for any given day.

One of those therapies is herbal formulas.  I've spoken at length about this in a previous post in the vault.

Another is special self care practices.

Self care includes sellf massage, special exercises that help the immune, digestive, neuro endocrine, circulatory system...

And breathing patterns.



Sometimes when I say "breathwork" I can see people's eyes glaze over, and even a little bit of hope wilting from their complexion.

"I've already tried breathwork" they think.  And it didn't work.

Most people think they've tried breathwork.

Anything you learn at a tai chi, yoga, qi gong class that is taught to the general public should be a mild enough form of breathwork that it is safe for everyone.

Unfortunately for complex chronic conditions, if it's not specific and targeted, with a high enough amplitude that not just anyone should use it for safety reasons...

Then it probably won't move the needle much for you.

In today's video we will get deeper into what's actually going on in the body when we activate specific breathing patterns.

How do we influence gasotransmitters.  And WHY.

And what exactly even is a "gasotransmitter" anyway??


60. *How to Reclaim Your Vitality When You're an Empath*

This one is a whopper.

Get ready for a deep dive on secondary gains, sensitivity, personal power and freedom, and dis-identifying with our personal narrative.

You are not your story.

If you want to get better/change, you must be prepared to become a different person.

It's just part of the deal.

The good news for empaths: there are 3 levels.

And instead of losing your gift, you can graduate up.


94. *How to Rescue Yourself from Brain Fog*


104. *How to Protect the Deepest Areas of Your Body from Hidden Pathogens*



"A hidden pathogen is like a robber in your house..."

Our immune system is constantly bombarded with invaders.

Viruses, fungi, mycotoxins, bacteria, microplastics, pollutants...

The immune system has two main strategies.

Elimination + Isolation.

If we can't get it out, we try to contain the spread.

But what if we can't?

Where do these pathogens go to hide?

And is there an order to it?


Right now, let's take 3,000 years of medical wisdom and apply it today, in innovative and relevant ways so that you can get back to living a happy life and not having to worry about your health feeling chaotic.




110. *How to Understand the Dangers (and Benefits) of Mouth Breathing for Your Health*





112. *Medical Independence:  How to Know if Your Herbs, Supplements and Prescriptions are Doing More Harm than Good*




I'm not against supplements.  I'm against not having a plan...

121. *How to Understand the Benefits and Purpose of Fatigue*