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How to be sure that you're getting the best defense on Earth

The Immune System of Plants: A Living Medicine

Pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, mold spores, etc are often correlated, or even entirely to blame for most complex chronic health conditions.

Conventional solutions such as antibiotics are losing their efficacy because the pathogens are evolving so fast (within a single generation) to become resistant.

So what if we look to nature for a more dynamic and comprehensive solution?

As it turns out, plants in the wild are exposed to the same pathogens, especially if they grow in damp or otherwise harsh conditions.

In order to protect themselves, many plants have developed their own specific immune systems that are full of natural compounds that make life difficult for harmful pathogens.

When we use the right kind of herbal medicines, we are ingesting these powerful immune balancing compounds, essentially upgrading our own system to lighten the pathogenic load.


And the best thing?

These beneficial plants are adapting and evolving with the times, so their immune system is relevant to the pathogens we see right now.


It's like having up to date antivirus software on your computer.


It's a living medicine.  Constantly evolving.


Using the right herbs is one of the absolutely essential keys that allows us to interrupt the inflammatory cycles and help our people get their lives back from complex chronic inflammatory conditions.

Our work stems from a deep love and respect of the natural world...


Why is Herbal Quality so important?

Because the strength and efficacy of herbal medicine (just like the flavor of wine) depends on a variety of factors.

The growing location, altitude, humidity, temperature, soil composition, pesticide use, harvest time, drying process, special preparations, storage, processing, shipping, and other factors must be taken into account.

That’s one reason why we don’t recommend you just buy any old herbal supplement off the internet.  You might not be getting what you pay for, and in some cases poor quality can actually make your condition worse.

Modern Vitality Founder Jeremy Cornish examining a freshly picked herb on a recent expedition to Emei Mountain in Southern China

Imperial Quality Herbs = Efficacy + Safety + Predictability

Lan, our herbal pharmacologist in Tibet on a quality control expedition at over 12,000 feet.  She loves her job!

Say Hello to Xuelan Qiu, PhD, (“Lan” for short).

She holds a specialized doctorate in Herbal Pharmacology (she's actually the only herbal pharmacologist in America).

Lan is in charge of our botanical quality and sourcing, and she takes her role very seriously.

Lan regularly leads expeditions to the remote Tibetan and rural Chinese growing regions, where she directs research teams from two prestigious universities into the herb fields where they observe and test everything.

Once harvested, the herbs are taken back to the lab, where they are thoroughly tested at pharmaceutical standards to make sure they have the correct potency, while being safe from heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals.

"C "and "D" level herbs are what are commonly found in American supplies.  Those herbs work just fine for certain conditions (mild cases, or very short duration of use).

For the complex chronic conditions that we specialize in solving, we exclusively source herbs from the top 3 tiers, A+ whenever possible.

That’s what it takes.

The quality level of herbs that we use at Modern Vitality has rarely been seen in the Western world before.

In 2018, we were part of a joint effort to develop a Quality Standards Rubric to establish the safety and quality criteria for herbal medicines.

Prior to this, there was no standardization whatsoever in terms of herb quality.

Whenever possible, our herbs are wildcrafted and sustainably harvested according to traditional practices to ensure the medicine will live on for future generations.

Once this project started to take off, all kinds of wonderful things began happening.

For example, a legendary micro-pill expert named Mr. Zhang came out of retirement to oversee our herbal preparations.  When he learned what level of herbs we had access to, he just had to be involved.

Mr. Zhang oversees a team of five other micro-pill experts.  Using his innovative method, we are able to create herbal micropills, made entirely out of our powdered herbs, with absolutely no binder or filler required to hold their shape.

To make pills with no filler whatsoever requires as much art as it does science, and a fastidious attention to detail.

No fillers means that the herbs are absorbed more easily by your body, with greater retention of volatile oils.

For people with chronic inflammation or compromised digestive systems this is a tremendous advantage.

The man in this video is not Mr. Zhang, but the process he uses is very similar, and includes additional steps of drying and preparation.

It's truly inspiring to see the amount of skill that goes into our products.

For complex chronic conditions, there are already enough variables involved, so we make sure top herb quality is absolutely handled.

We go the extra mile (or kilometer actually) to be certain that you receive the purest substances in existence.

These herbal formulations are exclusively for people using our programs, with supervision and support.
We *do not* sell herbs to the general public.
This way we can keep track of your progress and make sure that you're using the appropriate herbs for your unique situation.
It's the responsible way.

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