How To Know If Your Fibromyalgia is Getting Better or Not

What is the process like of getting your life back from Fibromyalgia?

And how to know if you're getting better.

There are key signs along the way to keep you on track.


hi everyone I’m here talking with dr.
Andrew miles the author of the fibro
Bible and today we’re going to talk
about the eight stage process and how to
know when you’ve graduated each stage
and so these are the benchmarks that we
look for room or taking people through
this program and dr. Myles is gonna
elaborate a little bit on each one thank
you so much so for the first stage what
we’re really looking for is less neck
stiffness and less wandering pain so
wandering pain is when pain goes maybe
in the back it starts in the back and
then it goes down the legs or it starts
in the legs and it goes up the back it’s
in the left elbow today and it’s in the
right wrist tomorrow for no discernible
reason so this wandering pain is due to
an imbalance and immune factors so over
the first two weeks the progression with
stage one is that the wandering pain
starts to decrease and gets fixed in
very specific places so that’s why it’s
important not to think of it as terms of
what is my pain level from a 1 through
10 that doesn’t tell you the specific
causes and nature of those pains so when
you’re having that wandering floating
pain that’s because the body has a very
generalized immune response
so as we organize that immune response
it will stop going from joint to joint
it’ll kind of settle in maybe one or two
places that is a victory because one of
the pain types is is gone type pain in
the neck so neck pain can be caused from
a few different factors but when it’s
type pain in the neck versus kind of it
aching in the neck or electric pain in
the neck the specific type pain when
that loosens up then we know that it’s
time to begin looking at moving to stage
2 so stage 1 end of wandering pain
reduction in tightness especially around
the head and neck those are our
graduation signs then we continue a
little bit with stage 1 make sure that
it’s you know that we’re getting that
strengthened we move gradually into
stage 2
Stage two were working with the
digestive system and got microbiota a
good sign that you’re doing well on
stage two is that you’re having normal
bowel movements and that much of the
mental fog the brain fog and the heavy
pain in the joints begins to disappear
when the heavy pain is gone but maybe
the electric pain the sharp pain the
dull pain all of those other types of
pains that burning pains may still be
there but by stage two the heaviness the
mental fog and the fixed pain and the
joints whether it’s hot or cold that
just feels heavy and lethargic that will
begin to go as the body begins to become
less waterlogged and as the gut begins
to function better so stage one we’re
looking for graduation symptoms being
reduction of wandering pain and reduced
tightness in the neck stage two
we’re looking at normal bowel movements
clearing of brain fog and a reduction of
heavy pain then we move on to stage
three which is the effect of stress
hormones on fibromyalgia but this is
often associated with electric pain it
can also be associated with burning pain
so when electric and burning pain begin
to decrease and you’re able to get to
sleep easier at night then it’s a good
sign this stage three is well underway
so what is a graduation sign for stage
three in doing the sign exercises you’ll
begin to start yawning and it’ll be
easier for you to get to sleep does this
mean that you won’t wake up in the
middle of the night no because these are
caused by different physiologies in the
body generally trouble getting to sleep
has to do with immune response and
stress hormone response whereas waking
up in the middle of the night tends to
be more deregulation of hormones
we get to that later don’t worry Stage
one overview we’re looking at wandering
pain going away tightness right stage
two again mental fog goes away reduction
in that heavy pain
stage three the sign gives way to
yawning and we get a reduction in the
electric and burning pain and especially
that kind of pain that’s increased with
stress because the stress hormones are
able to cycle out of the body now much
easier then we move on to stage four
stage 4 is where we address that sharp
stabbing pain and morning stiffness and
this has to do with platelet adhesion
and prostaglandins so as we increase the
blood circulation gradually in the body
then that sharp pain and sometimes that
pain that wakes you up in the middle of
the night that begins to dissipate and
dissolve and then you know that you’re
done with stage four when the only pain
that’s left is kind of a dull ache
that’s better in the morning
and gets worse as your energy levels
declined so after those first four
stages then we’re looking at
strengthening in the body as a whole
we’re not looking at regulating what’s
already there that’s the time to
strengthen that’s the time that all of
you know all of the supplements people
swear by that’s the time that those
actually count so we look for these
first four stages and their graduation
as being very important now if you
graduate stage three and the wind
changes is it possible that you might
need to go back to stage one absolutely
in fact almost everybody needs to do
this does that mean you have to start
all the way over again no after one or
two days what happens is you get rid of
that tightness in the neck and the
wandering pain goes away and you just go
right back to the stage you or work you
know and without a problem
so this is what everybody goes through
not exactly the same way not exactly the
same path in life but we look for these
signs and symptoms to let us know that
we’re ready to graduate on to the next
stage excellent