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How do I Know if I'm Right for this Program?

Our team has developed specialized programs to help you get your life back from complex health conditions.

If chronic pains, exhaustion, brain fog, trouble sleeping, or poor digestion has severely affected your quality of life you may be a great candidate for what we do. In order to get the results, you must be willing to put in the work. Typically the self care practices take 7 minutes per day to begin with. Additionally, plan on investing 90 seconds on average to watch your daily video. Staying consistent with the herbs will greatly increase your chances of success. We don't require perfection, but commitment and consistency will win out over time.
Who Should Not Take This Program?

Those who are pregnant, nursing, or have active cancer are advised to speak to their personal physician regarding the safety of this program for their specific case, or to take the program at a later time when those conditions don’t apply.

Those with Celiac's disease are eligible to take the program, but must inform us so that we can send herbs that are 100% Gluten Free (see below).

Additionally there is a mindset aspect.

If you are committed to getting better and willing to put forth the effort to strengthen your body you will do extremely well with our programs.

However, in rare cases self sabotage or limiting beliefs will prevent us from doing what it takes to get better. Change can be scary, even positive change. Now is the time to ask yourself truly if you're ready for change, and if you believe it is possible. If not, what is holding you back? Answering those questions, or at least being willing to look inwards will help you start out in the right frame of mind for success.  
How Long Does it Take to Get Better?
The vast majority of our participants see positive changes within the first 1-2 weeks.  For some cases it may take longer. Usually by the 4-6 month mark, participants are feeling a tremendous sense of stability and normalcy return to their lives. We can progress more quickly through the process by staying consistent with the program, and by identifying and minimizing the 5 factors that tend to work against the body:
  1.  Immune Challenges
  2. Difficult Foods
  3. Stressors
  4. Physical Injury
  5. Overwork/Overexertion
What If It Takes Me Longer to Graduate a Stage?

That’s just fine.  You’ll have all the information, and know what to do.  You simply continue with your breathing, self care, and herbs.  It’s only a matter of time before you're onto the next stage.

Do these Programs Require a Special Diet?
No. Most people we work with have already tried a variety of special diets and have maxed out the benefits they are getting. Of course, the healthier you eat, the better.  But we don't require any special/perfect diets, instead focus on doing everything we can to make your system more resilient to a wider variety of foods. Eat normally, make good choices, and stay consistent with the program.
I'm Pregnant or Nursing. Is this Program Safe for Me?
It's best to speak to your personal physician if pregnant or nursing regarding this course.  You may choose to wait to take the course until you are no longer pregnant or nursing if there are concerns.
I Have Cancer. Can I Safely do this Program?
It's best to speak to your personal physician if you have active cancer before beginning this course.  You may choose to wait to take the course until you are cancer free if there are concerns.
Are the Herbs Gluten Free?
Most of the herbs we use are gluten free.  There is one formula that uses a special type of fermented wheat that adds enzymes to help break down gluten in the body. These herbs have been shown to reduce gluten sensitivity. However if you have true Celiac's disease even the fermented wheat is not appropriate; please tell us that you have Celiac's so that we can send a different formula.
What if I Can't Finish the Program?
This healing approach works significantly better if you are consistent, especially during the first few stages.  That being said, life happens. Sometimes we fall off the wagon. When you’re ready to get back on the path, go back to Stage 1 and review the material.  You can thank yourself for the work that you've already done.  You'll graduate through the Stages that you've already accomplished rather quickly.
What Happens When I Finish the Program?
When you finish the program your pain levels should be lower, and energy improved.  Sleep should be regulated, and digestion smooth.  Mental clarity, focus, memory should all be normalizing.  In short, you get your life back.  We're not going for perfect, just normal. Life is still happening and self care never ends. You should have the tools and knowledge to understand any flares, triggers or setbacks as well as the ability to handle them appropriately. At that point if you'd like to have some extra herbs on hand you will have access to our members-only herb shop.  You also will know all of the precautions and techniques to use to prevent any relapses and keep as much of your progress as possible.

The best way to interact with us is by joining our Free Modern Vitality Solutions + Support group, where you can ask any questions you like.

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