At Modern Vitality we have dedicated ourselves to not only understanding the most complex health conditions, and the implications they have on your life and sense of self, but also how to actually work with your body systems, in the right order, to restore your vitality.

That means more travel, creativity, playtime, intimacy, and connection in your life.

More hikes with your dog.

More fresh air.

More stories around a fire.

More chances to show up for the people who need you to be there.

More deeply satisfying memories of a rich life, full of love.

Less days spent lying horizontal, eyes closed, trying to “recover” from life...


The 3 Key Elements to Getting Your Life Back

Whole Systems Approach

Holistic thinking is the way of the future.  But, in an effort to be comprehensive, many people mistakenly believe that “holistic” means throwing a pile of supplements at every system in the body.  Forever. In reality, with a whole-systems understanding, we are able to strategically intervene in the right order so that your system becomes more resilient without getting overwhelmed.

Medical Independence

Ultimately, each individual person is in charge of their own vitality and self care.  Our programs work initially as a pattern interrupt, and as soon as the inflammatory cycles are resolved, we begin laying a mental and physiological foundation for lasting health and resiliency from the inside out.  We take you by the hand and upgrade your lifestyle decisions to reinforce the positive changes in your body systems.

Natural Methods

Because we have a truly systematic strategy, we can stimulate immense change within your body by using tools that nature provides, including beneficial herbs from China and Tibet, structured self care practices, and specific breathwork patterns such as gasotransmitter therapy.

The Modern Vitality protocols didn’t come out of thin air.  Our systems are the living legacy of medical lineages that go back literally thousands of years.

For the last 2,000-5,000 years, Eastern cultures have derived medical solutions from nature, in the form of herbal medicine, breathing exercises, meditative neurofeedback, and special self care practices that encourage whole body resiliency.

This ancient base of knowledge is now a human cultural inheritance, culminating with select expert physicians who are alive today in the modern era, carrying the traditions forward.

Modern Vitality was founded as an effective way to bring the upper echelon of natural medicine into the modern western world.

We use individualized protocols and training programs that have been proven to untangle the complex chronic conditions that haunt so many of us in modern society.

Toxins in the air, depleted soil, modified foods.  Pesticides. Heavy metals. Exposure to pathogens such as mold, lyme, viruses, fungi, and other harmful bacteria...

It’s a dangerous environment to navigate, and not everyone can do it without developing illness manifesting as exhaustion, pain, brain fog, digestive trouble, disturbed sleep...

Our team has been hard at work to ensure we are doing everything we can to bring this ancient knowledge up to date so that you can feel your best and start getting your life back.

Modern Vitality founder Jeremy Cornish, LAc. making friends with a beautiful

Polypore Mushroom in the herbal market in Kangding, Tibet

“I’ve been practicing Eastern Medicine since 2009.  Over the years I’ve met so many patients with complex chronic conditions that had fallen through the cracks of the medical system.

In many cases I was truly their last resort for help.

I knew in my bones that there had to be answers beyond the status quo, and I never stopped learning.

My relentless pursuit of understanding has led to the development of Modern Vitality.

I didn’t do it all alone either.  I’ve had countless hours of inspiration and mentorship from a dream team of absolute geniuses.

The secret to eliminating symptoms for good is to identify the multi-system patterns (immune, digestive, neuro-endocrine, pathogens, etc) and to focus on the roots of the condition in an organized way, with a step-by-step plan.

What I’ve found in practice is that most people (patients and practitioners alike) have many of the right ideas and tools, but they are absolutely lacking in strategy and execution.

Without a crystal clear order of operations, benchmarks for progress, contingency plans for when the chaos of life starts to hit, and of course a medical exit strategy (graduation!), even the best therapies will fall short.

That’s where everybody gets stuck.

I wish I had this program a decade ago.

-Jeremy Cornish, LAc.

The methods we use are catching on in the international healthcare community.

Hundreds of practitioners have been trained in seminars, and thousands upon thousands of patients are now finally finding relief from their complex symptoms by following our framework.

It's truly inspiring.


Introducing the Modern Vitality Expert Panel

The programs we use at Modern Vitality are enhanced with contributions from our expert panel.

It’s an incredible resource to have so many brilliant practitioners collaborating to bring hope as well as actionable solutions to people who are otherwise feeling at the end of their rope.

We use professional online forums to share advances, discuss cases, and examine research as a cohesive group so that we can continue to advance the field and set higher and higher standards for patient care and outcomes.

We are constantly working together to bring you the absolute best.

Our Methods

Our herbs come in the form of teabags and micropills (with zero fillers/binding agents).

We source our herbs from the pristine wilderness of rural China and Tibet. The herbs are harvested according to traditional methods and timing, and then lab tested at pharmaceutical standards.

In fact, we have a dedicated herbal pharmacologist who leads university research teams on field expeditions to make absolutely certain that our herbs are free of contaminants, and full of active ingredients.

We do all of these "extra" steps because high potency herbs are safer and more predictable, which can make all the difference when dealing with chronic health challenges.

Learn more about what goes into our herbal formulas.

Gasotransmitter Therapy is a specific form of self care practice that utilizes precise breathing exercises to create necessary changes in body chemistry, including regulation of signaling molecules responsible for inflammation.

There are many types of Gasotransmitter Therapy, and our programs are designed to make sure you are learning and practicing the correct ones for your condition.

The wonderful thing about Gasotransmitter Therapy is that there is no equipment required, and once you've learned them you can do them anywhere, at any time for immediate effect.

All of our programs at Modern Vitality are designed to empower you and help you to become self sufficient.

Along the way, guidance and support are often necessary.

When questions come up, the experts (and graduates!) will be there to help you along, whether one-on-one, or in an online group setting.

We are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Even though we are continuously training new practitioners in this system, the majority of people who need our help live impossibly far away from an expert.

Thankfully with technology, we are now able to work remotely.

We have fully embraced technology for follow up support.

Your herbal formulations are sent from our headquarters in the Pacific Northwest via FedEx or USPS priority mail (yes we do ship internationally).

We also include a comprehensive online training component so that you can empower yourself with a straightforward protocol of self care including specific breathing patterns to influence autonomic processes as well as lifestyle enhancements specific for your condition.

This way the herbs work as a pattern interrupt to break the spell of chronic inflammation, while the lifestyle, breathing, and self care set a foundation for true medical independence.

Thanks to years of determined effort and open-hearted collaboration, we can now use the Modern Vitality programs to help anyone in the world.

All it takes is an internet connection and a mailing address.

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